The 2013 Annual General Assembly meeting was held in Manama and a new Board of Directors was elected.

The newly elected Board of Directors conducted its 1st Meeting in Manama, following the Anual General Assembly Meeting held on 16th August 2013. Dr. Waleed Zubari was elected as the next president of WSTA for the years 2013-2015 while Mr. Hamad Al Hatmi from Oman was elected as the Vice President, Eng. Moh’d Qamber (Bahrain) as the Tresurer and Eng. Ali Hassan(Bahrain) as the Secretary. Other Board members elected were Eng. Abdullatif Almugrin (KSA), Dr. Abdulaziz Al Turbak (KSA), Dr. Ahmed Murad (UAE), M. Hamad Al Kuwari (Qatar), Eng. Rashid Al Abri (Oman), Mohammed Al Murad (Kuwait). The eleventh member will have to be nominated by the GCC Secretariate in due course.

The meeting was concluded by appointing Eng. Ali Redha Hussain as WSTA Office Managing Director.

The AGM was successfully held prior to the Board meetingand attended by its members from Bahrain and other the GCC countries. During this meeting, several topics related to the improvement of WSTA activities and its role in the region were discussed beside the tactical plans for the implementation of the Association’s 5 years strategic plan. The Members also listened to reports presented by the outgoing President Eng. Ali Redha while recommendations for improvements were registered to be forwarded to the newly appointed Board.

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  • عبداللطيف المقرن
    Dec 27, 2013

    ا وﻻ مبروك تحديث الم
    ثانيا: أين سيكون اجتماع اللجنة مساء الجمعه واجتماع المجلس صباح السبتب
    ثالثا: ﻻبد من جدول اﻻعمال لنتمك من اﻻضافة
    او التعديل

    عبداللطيف المقرن Dec 27, 2013

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