Eleventh Conference of Gulf water in Muscat to discuss “Water Efficiency” in the GCC

The Bahraini based newspaper Al Wasat interviews WSTA President Prof. Waleed Zubari

Extremely difficult challenges facing the GCC States because of water supply:

The GCC countries are facing a great challenge in securing a sustainable water supply to the various development activities, due to the limited natural water resources available and the growing demand and competition by consuming sectors as a result of rapid social and economic development and the accompanying population growth on the other hand. The challenge that faces the future of the region is alarming, increasing water scarcity and rising cost of supplies.

In light of this, the President of Water Sciences and Technology Association, Chairperson, Water Resources Management Program, Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arabian Gulf University Prof. Waleed Khalil Zubari said in an interview: the above challenges faced by the Gulf Cooperation Council States are to be discussed this month in the upcoming 11th Gulf Water Conference to be held in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman during the period (20-22 October 2014. The conference will be addressing the theme of «water efficiency and its role in achieving sustainable water management in the GCC”.

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