Regional Training Course on Water Footprint Assessments for GCC and Arab Countries successfully held at Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

WSTA held recently  a regional training course on Water Footprint Assessments for GCC and Arab countries at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), Bahrain from 20-22 April 2015. The course was jointly organized and supported by AWARENET, the Arab Integrated Water Resources Management Network, a Cap-Net regional network for capacity development in sustainable water management, the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), the Middle East and North Africa Network of Water Centers of Excellence (MENA NWC), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN ESCWA), and Cap-Net UNDP.

Over the course of three days more than 30 participants; government officials, researchers and representatives from NGOs from nine GCC and Arab countries successfully participated and developed their capacities on the Water Footprint Assessment concept and methodology. The course covered the Global Water Footprint Standard, experiences in Water Footprint Assessments including accounting, sustainability assessment and formulating response strategies in a variety of settings and cases. It also included technical know-how to implement Water Footprint Assessment in business water strategy and public sector policy and provided hands-on experience for detailed implementation of Water Footprint Assessments.

The training was facilitated by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf and Dr. Ayman Abdulrahman who both attended the earlier global Cap-Net UNDP Training-of-Trainers for Water Footprint Assessments. The training was based on the material from the Water Footprint Network (WFN) that was made available through cooperation between WFN and Cap-Net UNDP.

AWARENET cooperates closely with its global partner Cap-Net UNDP for capacity development in sustainable water resources management with a focus on training activities for the Arab region. AWARENET is planning to hold further training courses on Water Footprint Assessments and other themes and welcomes regional and national partners to join efforts for further developing the national and regional capacities for sustainable water management.

The Middle East and North Africa Network of Water Centers of Excellence (MENA NWC) is an association of research and educational institutions that are working collaboratively with governments, businesses and civil society organizations across the region to solve longstanding water issues. The Network identifies relevant policy interventions, new management practices and technologies, and innovative public-private partnerships that will improve water and food security in the region.


AWARENET: Dr. Ralf Klingbeil, Network Coordinator, ,
WSTA: Mr. Ali Redha Hussain, Executive Director, ,
AGU: Mr. Waleed Al-Zubari, Chairperson, Water Resources Management Program, ,
MENA NWC: Ms. Christel Milazzo, Middle East Activity Manager,

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