Mr. Tawfiq Al Ghasham holds a BS in chemical engineering from KFUPM and MSc. in Desalination Technology from Glasgow University in Scotland. He has more than 32 years of service with Saudi Aramco out of which he has 27 years of experience in the field of water treatment systems. In 2007, he was seconded by Saudi Aramco to KAUST for 4 years in which he was the champion of the water desalination research center and the membrane research center in addition to the development and management of the research collaboration program with international universities. After KAUST, He joined New Business Development Organization in Saudi Aramco in which he participated in the development of SAEV (Saudi Aramco Energy ventures) Company. Tawfiq is a co-inventor (with two patents) in the modified version of the Adsorption Desalination and chilling (ADC) technology. He is a board director of MEDAD Technologies based Singapore and in Tahliyah Company based in Saudi Arabia/Alkhobar. He is a board member with WSTA (Water Science & Technology Association) and a member with the Saudi Council of Engineers.