Day One Photos

Day 2 Session 2A: Surface Water Management

Keynote Abdin Salih: Sustainable Management of SW and GW in Arab Region

Youssef et al: An Overview of Flash Floods in Jiddah City

Hajji et al: Morphometric and Hydrologic Characteristics of Small Watershed Tunis

Abbas and Salman: Integrated Management of transboundary WR under CC sudan

Sallam et al: New Reclamation Mega Projects in Egypt

Day 2 Session 2B: Groundwater Management

Keynote Bruce Misstear, IAH: Well design

Al Amri et al: GW Management South Al Batinah Oman

El Behiry et al: modeling of aquifer system in south al batinah oman

AlNoaimi: Estimation of Industrial Water Demand in Bahrain

Day 2 Session 2C: Groundwater Management

Keynote Jens Grundmann: Principles and Challenges of IWRM

Semhi et al: Investigation of As Concentation Oman

Helmi and Al barwani: monitoring salinty changes in Al Batinah coastal aquifer oman

Rizk: determining source of nitrate pollution in liwa aquifer UAE

Murad et al: possible effects of changing GW levels and chemistry on building AlAin UAE

Day 2 Session 3: Municipal Water Management

Keynote Khaldoon Khashman, ACWUA: Efficient Management of Municipal Water

Keynote Alex McPhail, World Bank: Urban WM_Lessons from the American Southwest

Noaman and Alsharjabe: Water Crisis in Taiz City Yemen

Dissanayake and AlJabri: Improvement of Env Performance in WS system Oman

AbuSharkh and AlAbri: NRW in water distribution network Oman

Mariam and Awad: Assessment of drinking water quality Qater case study

Boone: Building social norms for conservation in Oman

Al Naama: Kahramaa-overview on W Quality Manag and Desal DW Standards and Guidelines

Day 2 Session 4: Desalination Management

Keynote Joydeep Dutta, SQU: Nanotechnology based pretreatment and desal for brackish water

Hamed: Scale control in MSF Des plants Saudi Arabia

ElShafey and AlHadi: modified date palm leafltet for treatment of brackish water Oman

Hussain: Development of activated carbon from oil fly ash for water and ww treatment systems

AbuSharkh and AlJabri: Risk assessment of tropical cyclone on WS system Oman

Moosa et al: operational experience of an integrated UF-RO system Saudi Arabia

Day 2 Session 5: Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Management

Keynote Peter Werner, UAEU: Challenges in sewage treatment and ruse opportunities in arid regions

Keynote Yasmeen Allawati: oil produced water treatment and management Oman

AlMahal et al: use of dynamic modeling in wastewater system management in Bahrain

Alsakkaf: Assessment of efficiency of biological stagesin removing organic materials Yemen

AlBusaidi: Use of Treated Sludge to improve water productivity Oman

AlAsmi: Haya Wastewater Strategies Oman

Day Two & Three Photos

Day 3 Session 2D: Groundwater Management

Keynote Ralf Klingbeil, ESCWA MAR: ASR Regional_Experiences

AlAbri et al: GW from Ophiolite Aquifer Oman

Al-Maktoumi et al: Hydropedology and WRM Alkhoud Recharge Dam Oman

Bardi: Env GW Assessment in the Wadi_Khulays Saudi Arabia

Alwagdani and Basamed: Exploration and Evaluation of WR in harrat Khybar Saudi Arabia

AlKhatri: Analysis of Stakeholders Characteristics for IWRM Implementation Oman

Ashkar et al: Hydrogeologic and hydrochemical maps of Aban AlAhmar Saudi Arabia

Day 3 Session 6: Agricultural Water Management

Keynote Fawzi Karajeh, FAO NRE: FAO’s water scarcity inititative

Keynote Slim Zekri: GW Management in Oman

AlNoaimi: A model for estimating demand funtions for agr water Bahrain

AlRuwis et al: Pricing water used for production of wheat and dates in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

AlDhuhli et al: Rigorous irrig experiments with a novel simulation based optimization under saline conditions Oman

Chowdhury: analyzing the effects of CC on CWR in Saudi Arabia

AlBusaidi: Improving water productivity by magnetic technology Oman

Day 3 Special Session: Desalination Trends

Doug Eisberg: North American Desalination and Membrane Trends

Emilio Gabbrielli: Desalination and Reuse in Latin America

Miguel Angel SANZ: Desalination Trends in Europe and NorthAfrica

Day 3 Special Session: ESCWA ACWUA MDGs to SDGs

Khaldoon Khashman, ACWUA: MDGs and SDGs in WSS

Ralf Klingbeil, ESCWA: Water within currently proposed SDGs

Reem Nejdawi, ESCWA: intro to post 2015

Day 3 Special Session: International and Regional Networks





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